Lord Darnley, Henry Stuart was Mary Queen of Scots’ second husband whom she married in 1565. He was murdered in 1567 at the age of 21 and the precise facts of his demise remain unknown to this day. Two separate institutions have claimed to hold the skull of Lord Darnley and this project aimed to eliminate one of these possibilities and therefore identify the correct





In order to identify the skull Craniofacial Superimpositions were performed, a method of analysis in which an unidentified skull is compared to images of a missing person, or in the case of Lord Darnley, contemporary portraits. Upon completion of four superimpositions, good correspondence was found with the skull belonging to the Royal College of Surgeons, giving credibility to the assertion that this was Lord Darnley’s skull. 

Using a three-dimensional print of this skull, a craniofacial reconstruction was created, presenting a life-like model of what Lord Darnley would have looked like in 1567 shortly before his untimely death.

Watch the 'Making of' video here.

The project received press attention from Scottish and national media, including Radio 4's Today Programme, STV, The Scotsman and The Telegraph