Emma Price is a Forensic Artist with a MSc in Forensic Art and Facial Identification from the University of Dundee. She is a member of the British Association for Human Identification (BAHID) and recently volunteered with the Forensic Imaging Team at the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children in Alexandria, VA, USA.

Trained in:  
- Facial Reconstruction
- Artificial Age Progression
- Postmortem Depiction
- Craniofacial Superimpositions
- Anatomical sculpture and illustration
- Composite Sketching and Cognitive Interviews

Her most recent work involves the analysis of two skulls purporting to be that of Lord Darnley, Mary Queen of Scot's second husband which resulted in a facial reconstruction. The project received press attention from Scottish and national media, including Radio 4's Today Programme, STV, The Scotsman and The Telegraph

Please contact for further portfolio work including age progressions, craniofacial superimpositions and reconstructions.